Our markets

We create the future together with our customers in five main markets, all with strong long-term growth prospects, that are driven by the ever changing nature of the world.
Medical technology

One of our largest markets, where our products are trusted by our customers to help them save and enhance lives. There is increasing demand worldwide due to an ageing population, increases in chronic diseases and increased healthcare spending in developing countries.

While Smiths Medical focuses heavily on this market, both Smiths Interconnect and Flex-Tek supply solutions to medical device manufacturers.

Security & defence

The security market is driven by growth in air travel, threats stemming from crime, geopolitical unrest and terrorism. Customers rely on our products to help them keep people safe at airports, ports and venues worldwide.

The defence segment is served by Smiths Detection with trace detection products and by Smiths Interconnect with mission-critical secure connectivity solutions.

General Industrial

Customers put their trust in our products and services to support many general industrial applications including petrochemical, mining, pulp and paper, water treatment, semiconductor test, heating elements and automotive.

These sectors and others are served globally by John Crane, Smiths Interconnect and Flex-Tek, with growth generally tracking increases in GDP worldwide.

Oil & Gas
Customers across this market rely on John Crane’s mechanical seals and seal support systems. They're used in downstream refineries and midstream pipelines, gas storage and transportation equipment applications. 

Growth is driven by increases in global demand for energy and stricter environmental and safety requirements, with increasing revenues from aftermarket and service contracts.

Space & aerospace

Customers here turn to us for components that operate reliably at extremes of pressure and temperature. Growth in aerospace comes from new fuel-efficient aircraft, and increasing passenger and freight traffic. Satellite launches, deep space exploration and emerging activities such as asteroid mining are also driving demand in Space.

Flex-Tek provides hydraulic hoses and fuel lines for airframes and engines, while Smiths Interconnect supplies ultra-high quality connectors, microwave components and antenna systems for aircraft and satellite communications.